Problem updating Service reference


I have a vb2008 solution with a WCF service project and UI project, 
the service project and UI project has a reference to a core project, that's 
project has one class usable for UI and service and referenced into all,

went I try to update a service reference in UI project, 
appears a new datasource in service reference / Reference.svcmap, 
into UI project the calls to common class appears with at "not a member" 
and the cast lines between types of service core class and ui core class 
fails with "cannot be converted to" error because ui class and service class 
are de the same

Any idea?

Thanks’ for all

2/4/2010 9:59:01 AM
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"Albert" <> wrote in message

> Hello, I have a vb2008 solution with . . .

You have posted to the wrong group. This is a Visual Basic group and the 
last version of Visual Basic is VB6. The product you are using is not Visual 
Basic, despite its similarly sounding name. VB6 code does not compile in 
VB2008 and VB2008 code does not compile in VB6. They are completely 
different products. The name VB2008 is in fact a lie and is part of a 
Micro$oft scam to fool the public in order to maximize profits, so it is not 
surprising that you have yourself been fooled and have posted to the wrong 
group. Some of the less dishonest people in Micro$oft have tacitly admitted 
that VB2008 and other "dotnet" products (as they are commonly called) are 
NOT really Visual Basic, and those people have therefore set up a new and 
completely different newsgroup on the Micro$oft public servers for their new 
and completely different product. I would suggest that you repost your 
question there. The VB2008 group is:



2/4/2010 10:37:21 AM

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