how to set up a query

I am using sql server 2005 express and have 3 tables

Dept_Id  (primary key)

Employee_Id (primary key)
Dept_Id (foreign key with table1)

WorkSchedule_Id (primary key)
Employee_Id (foreing key with table 2)
Date_To_Work (date type)

I want to list all the Departments (Dept_Name) that do not have anyone
scheduled to work on a particular date (ie  '1/20/2010' )

Any help would be appriciated.
Thanks in advance,
1/20/2010 6:14:42 PM
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Try this:

SELECT dept_name
FROM Table1 AS D
                  FROM Table2 AS E
                  JOIN Table3 AS W
                    ON E.employee_id = W.employee_id
                  WHERE E.dept_id = D.dept_id
                    AND W.date_to_work = '20100120');

Plamen Ratchev
1/20/2010 6:37:53 PM

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