SSRS 2008 working with word 2003 or 2007

Since I am new to sql server report service 2008, I have the following 
questions to ask:

 1. I have alot of reports that need to have one to 10 paragraphs written 
prior to when the table is displayed. Thus, I was thinking there would be 
toolbox items like a 'word' document that you can drop onto a sql server 
2008. However the closest thing I see is a texbox. Thus, is there any 
feature I could use that will display the paragraphs prior to when the 
repiort is generated? 
(The closest item is looks I can use is a textbox. Does the textbox have 
'word' document formatting features?)
2. Is there away to get a word 2007 document addin to the SSRS 2008 
development environmnent that I could use?
(I see there is something like Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, but 
I work for a small company and we do not need a larger server for our needs.) 
3. Is there a way to add sql service report service 2008 to a 2003 or 2007 
word document environment?
4. When generating these reports, they will be exported to word 2003 or 2007 
documents. Thus are there any formatting features I should be aware of so the 
sql server report 2008 reports will have formatting problems? I want to make 
certain that all the data is displayed appropriately for one page. basically 
there are not page breaks between different sections of the reports, data 
that show be one one page does not overflow to two or more pages.
5. I would like to know how to make certain that that paragraph(s) that are 
setup to precede always show up prior to when the report is displayed.


3/4/2010 11:50:02 PM
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