Need Help Troubleshooting Report Manager

Here is my situation.  I can=92t get to Report Manger via IE. IE just
displays the =93Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage=94 error

OS is Server 2008 Standard.
I=92m running a standalone computer =96 not connected to the internet.
I=92ve installed MS Loopback Adapter.
I=92ve installed SQL Server Reporting Services and it=92s running ok.  I
verified by going to Services. Status is Started, Startup Type is
Automatic.  The account I=92m logged in as is a member of the
Administrators Group.
Windows Firewall is off for all profiles.
Under Network Connections I have 2 connections showing.  Local Area
Connection which was the connection I used when the computer was
connected to the net.  And which now displays =93network cable
unplugged=94 and a red X under it. The second connection displays as
Local Area Connection 2 Unidentified Network Microsoft Loopback
Adapter with no red x so it=92s active.  I=92m wondering if I need to swap
them somehow so the loopback adapter connection is the main one. Not
sure how to do that.

Anyway, I=92ve loaded up IE and have entered the following URLs with no

and just about every other combination I can think of to get to Report
Manager  -  no joy.

Do I need to do something with a host file maybe? I'm not a network

1/26/2010 3:23:39 PM
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I was able to launch the Configuration Tool and set the url, create
the database, etc.  but when I access the URL I do get to the Home
page but it's basically blank.  There is no toolbar to create a new
folder.  Is this a permissions thing with the account?  I'm using an
account that is in the admin group.

Any help is appreciated.

1/26/2010 4:36:23 PM

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