change datasource before render report

I use SSRS on SQL Server 2008 to create reports from a report template and 
insert this into a word document.
All datasources, reports and template are stored on reportserver. 
On reportserver I can change datasource of report and report template. 

Now I want do this in Word. I choose a report and then a datasource. Now I 
want get this report with choosed datasource.

In this case I call webservice ReportExecution2005.asmx functions like this:

        Warning[] warnings;
        wsReportExecution2005.LoadReport2(reportName, null);

        switch (reportas.ToLower())
          case "image":
            deviceinfo = 
            deviceinfo = string.Empty;

        buffer = ReportExecution2005.Render2(
            out extension,
            out mimeType,
            out encoding,
            out warnings,
            out streamids

Is it possible to change datasource before load or render report? 
There was a function SetDatasource in reporting services 2000. I do missing 
this function.
How can I change the datasource.



1/11/2010 7:40:01 PM
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