Migrating from MS Access


I have this query, which I need to make work in MS SQL Server

select job.[CAM File],FIRST([material]), FIRST(job.[description]),
FIRST(job.[programmer]) from job where job.[CAM file] <> ''
 group by job.[cam file] order by 3

The "first" is my problem.

I can translate most of into

select job.[CAM File] from job
where job.[CAM file] <> '' group by job.[cam file])

Now I need to add the first row - for each cam file - how?
Next, I need to read something like this:

select top 1 job.[CAM File],
job.[material], job.[description], job.[programmer]
from job
where job.[CAM file] = job_from_above.[CAM file]  <- note this one

Just how do I do that?

6/9/2010 3:52:57 PM
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There is no FIRST equivalent in SQL Server (and tables have no order
of rows, so there is no first row concept). The following will be
close. You can change the ORDER BY clause in the ranking function to
order by a primary key or date column (if there is such and it can be
used to define some order of rows).

SELECT [CAM file], material, description, programmer
SELECT [CAM file], material, description, programmer,
NULL)) AS rk
FROM job 
WHERE [CAM file] <> '')
WHERE rk = 1
ORDER BY description;

Plamen Ratchev
6/9/2010 6:59:35 PM

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