Access Denied error received when user tries to set alerts


Site collection: NT Authenticated users have read permissions
Site: NT Authenticated users have read permissions
Document library: Employee has "limited Access" 
Folder: Employee has Add/Edit permissions (a custom permission level based 
on the default Contribute permission with delete removed)

User trieds to set an alert on the document library FOLDER where they have 
permissions.  They get through the entire configuration page and click ok to 
set the alerts, and they get an Access Denied error.

Where have the permissions been broken to deny the user the right to set 
alerts.  A site admin can set the alert for the user, but if the user tries 
to edit the alert, they get the same access denied error?  I found a blog 
post that suggested that the user needs read permissions at the site 
collection level, but as you see, these users do, and are still getting the 
access denied error.

The permissions are intended to provide a secure folder for accounting staff 
in diverse phycial locations submit documents to a consolidated corporate 
accounting group.  The accounting staff in the diverse locations need to be 
locked down so they can only see their own folders/documents, while the 
consolidated group has access to multiple/all folders.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you
MSP Server Admin
2/23/2010 7:27:01 PM
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