additional functionality needed using IMAPI2 (burning CD/DVD)


I have found some VBS code that uses IMAPI2 to write data on CD/DVD.

This works well, but I would need to add  additional functionality such as :

-write speed  (for example : determine max. possible speed, set write speed)
-error checking (for example : detect "no disk inserted"...)
-device and media compatibility

How could I add such things ?
All what I have found so far are links to
but there is no sample code for VBS (at least, I haven't found some)

Here is the code that I have:

intIndex = 0
strPath = "C:\BurnTemp"
Set objDiscMaster = WScript.CreateObject("IMAPI2.MsftDiscMaster2")

Set objRecorder = WScript.CreateObject("IMAPI2.MsftDiscRecorder2")
strDevice = objDiscMaster.Item(intIndex)

Set objImageWriter = CreateObject("IMAPI2.MsftDiscFormat2Data")
objImageWriter.Recorder = objRecorder
objImageWriter.ClientName = "IMAPI Script"

Set objFSI = CreateObject("IMAPI2FS.MsftFileSystemImage")

objFSI.FileSystemsToCreate = 1

Set objDir = objFSI.Root
objDir.AddTree strPath, False

Set objImage = objFSI.CreateResultImage()
Stream = objImage.ImageStream

wscript.echo "start writing:"

'control will not return to the script until the burn process has completed.

thank you

4/27/2010 10:41:49 AM
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