resize a page

In the older Publishers you could resize a page that had text and pictures in 
and it would adjust the print size etc to fit. I cant seem to do this in 2003.

eg Select all areas on one page and lock together, copy this to a 1/2 page 
and adjust by resizing from the corner.. the page would now be a smaller copy 
of the original and all the text and pictures would have been resized in 
In 2003 it only seems to chage the boxes and not the contents size?

Mikee (38)
10/27/2004 5:07:02 AM
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While in a state of withdrawal waiting for components to arrive to repair
his dead laptop, Ed notices a message from "Mikee" 
> eg Select all areas on one page and lock together, copy this to a 1/2 page
> and adjust by resizing from the corner.. the page would now be a smaller 
> copy
> of the original and all the text and pictures would have been resized in
> proportion.

I have never been able to do this in any version of Publisher, unless I had 
Autofitting or Copyfitting enabled, or I was using exclusively WordArt. 
Publisher 2003 behaves like all older versions in this respect, sorry.

Ed Bennett - MVP Microsoft Publisher
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the_nerd (6342)
10/27/2004 7:41:07 AM

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