Removing grid and column lines

i am trying to create an invoive in publisher 2003. Having a problem getting rid of the column and grid lines. It says to click on arrange and the go and change the grid lines to one but they are already at one and I can't seem to get rid of the lines. I would most certainly appreciate any help with this.
Thank you
1/24/2004 8:01:04 PM
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Click on the table to select it.
From the Menu click on Table > Table Auto Format > [None]. This removes any
table and/or cell gridlines.

"BOB" <> wrote in message
> i am trying to create an invoive in publisher 2003. Having a problem getting
rid of the column and grid lines. It says to click on arrange and the go and
change the grid lines to one but they are already at one and I can't seem to get
rid of the lines. I would most certainly appreciate any help with this.
> Thank you

jgillig1 (12)
1/25/2004 4:51:21 AM
Bob are you trying to do this on a Publisher table or an imported


donotknock (1941)
1/26/2004 3:07:51 AM
Different Bob, but I am still watching and waiting for a solution to the linking of a excell spreadsheet that will not show the grid lines.  Bob L.
anonymous (74722)
1/27/2004 1:56:06 AM
If it's in Pub 2003, I believe it's a known glitch. You're going to have a
grid. (Don't know about other versions of Pub.)



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"Bob L." <> wrote in message
> Different Bob, but I am still watching and waiting for a solution to the
linking of a excell spreadsheet that will not show the grid lines.  Bob L.

jl_amerson (3088)
1/27/2004 2:45:11 AM
Bob you will be waiting a looooooooooooooong time for a fix - that is if
there is one forthcoming which I doubt.

Probably will be a situation buy the next version.

I don't have this issue, must be a difference in some DLL or something, so
cannot be a major glitch.


donotknock (1941)
1/27/2004 6:06:22 AM

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