Publisher files stop responding taking full resources of sysem.

While trying to open the copied version of the technical-
manual, the system stops responding and shows up 
exhausting most of the system resources.   the error that 
occurs occasionally is Error:-> System is not 

The same does not happen with the original copy of the 
manual which works fine.  Both of these contain some text 
and some graphics and the second one (copy) is having a 
few more graphics.

It happens everytime when I create Publication of such 
kind and then save as another copy of it.

The problem only occurs with the copied version.

Please help as it just does not let me do anything.

9/6/2003 5:32:18 AM
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Sorry for incomplete info.
It's Publisher 2002 on Windows XP with loads of RAM.

It's not only one 'save As' copy but the issue is with 
all the 'save As' copies. 
When sent to a different computer and opened; it showed 
xactly the same behavior.

In all samples, Both the files are having a no. of 
graphics and text.

Any suggestion please????? 
9/7/2003 7:37:47 AM
Srijan this sounds very odd and is an unknown issue with any version of

Do you have Symantec Norton Antivirus software installed on that computer?

Have you recently cleaned out the c:\Windows\temp folder and deleted all
files and any sub-folders?

When did you last Defrag the hard drive?


donotknock (1941)
9/7/2003 2:37:35 PM

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