Problem with Text box and Background

I am using the background as a temple for a form

I add test boxes where I want to have text typed in

The problem is when I print the page the text I have typed in isn't where it 
is supposed to be

It is below the line of the background form

How do I solve this problem? 

gmhull (1)
2/6/2006 4:28:05 PM
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Mary Sauer MSFT MVP

"News" <> wrote in message 
>I am using the background as a temple for a form
> I add test boxes where I want to have text typed in
> The problem is when I print the page the text I have typed in isn't where it 
> is supposed to be
> It is below the line of the background form
> How do I solve this problem?

gsauer (5093)
2/6/2006 7:09:49 PM

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