Paper size problem

I want to print flyers using Wizard, on A5 Paper. When I use Special Size on
Page Setup to change to A5 sizes and set Printer Properties to A5 paper in
Print Setup, half the content is not printed. How can I fit the contents of
the flyer to an A5 and print.

I'm on Win. ME, Publisher 2000 and Lex.Z32 Printer.

eutychus (5)
11/8/2003 4:15:04 PM
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The flyers are only setup for standard size paper like A4.  They are not
able to be changed to A5 paper.

You can open two instances of Publisher so you can copy from the A4 page to
the A5 page and re-size the objects on the A5 page.

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donotknock (1941)
11/8/2003 10:31:13 PM
Thank you very much.

eutychus (5)
11/8/2003 11:56:32 PM

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