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How do I open a document from a previous version of 
Publisher..I have 2000?
jan0704 (1)
9/27/2004 2:31:22 PM
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Are you certain it is an earlier version? Do you have Norton? Disable "script 
blocking" and try again.

Mary Sauer MS MVP
"Jan" <> wrote in message 
> How do I open a document from a previous version of
> Publisher..I have 2000? 

gsauer (5093)
9/27/2004 3:18:11 PM
Jan wrote:
> How do I open a document from a previous version of 
> Publisher..I have 2000?

If it is a previous version,  Publisher 2000 will open the file just 
fine (except you need Publisher 1.0 or Publisher 2.0 to open Publisher 
1.0 files). If you get an error, see Mary's reply.

Brian Kvalheim
Microsoft Publisher MVP
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confers no rights.
ic (207)
9/27/2004 5:09:56 PM

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