Lines of text move when viewed in print preview and printed

I am inserting pictures with-in paragraphs of text. I 
have tried formating as both exact and in-line, using 
top/bottom. The text moves up 1-2 lines when printed or 
viewed in print preview. This change in text lines also 
happens when view is changed from 50% to 100%.

I am working with two column text and the pictures are 
inserted into each column.

How can I fix this problem?
emax (2)
9/30/2003 8:58:21 PM
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What version of Windows and Publisher are you using???

You people that think we have crystal balls or are mind readers are


donotknock (1941)
10/1/2003 1:24:51 AM
>-----Original Message-----
>What version of Windows and Publisher are you using???
>You people that think we have crystal balls or are mind 
readers are
>-- Pardon me. This is the first time I have ever posted. 
I am using Windows XP and Publisher 2002. I am using a HP 
5550 printer. Everything is current on upates. Do you 
need more information ? Sorry for the exasperation.>
emax (2)
10/1/2003 1:56:53 AM
Eddie you are ok.  Just send $US1M as compensation for my exasperation.

Eddie Publisher 2003 is printer independent and this issue you are seeing is
not a problem of Publisher.

Are you using TrueType or OpenType fonts of known quality - as in those
supplied with Windows or Publisher?
The problems poor fonts can cause are multitude of various problems.

Your video card driver may need updating as this could be caused by
incorrect rendering of your video card.

If you press F9 twice quickly, see if it renders/redraws the screen

Don't hesitate to post back with any type of questions relating to Publisher
or the operation/use thereof.


donotknock (1941)
10/1/2003 5:10:41 AM

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