labels not printing correctly

I have set up labels to print using template 8660.  However the top labels 
are too high and some of the print is above the label.  The labels at the 
bottom of the sheet are too low causing those with longer addresses to run 
below the label.  Also the left side of the labels in the far right column 
are slightly running off as well.  Those in the left column are OK on the 
left side.  It is almost like the template is matching to the actual label 
12/14/2009 12:21:01 AM
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Your problem is probably the way your printer is picking up the label stock. 
Create a full page template if all the labels are to be the same. You can adjust 
up or down, side to side until you are satisfied with the way the labels print. 
Use plain paper, outline each. Hold the results up to a light.

You maybe having margin limitations as well; read this:

Arrange menu
left & right margins -- .188
top & bottom -- .5
Grid Guides
3 columns -- .12 spacing
10 rows -- zero spacing
Mary Sauer

"@Work1" <> wrote in message
>I have set up labels to print using template 8660.  However the top labels
> are too high and some of the print is above the label.  The labels at the
> bottom of the sheet are too low causing those with longer addresses to run
> below the label.  Also the left side of the labels in the far right column
> are slightly running off as well.  Those in the left column are OK on the
> left side.  It is almost like the template is matching to the actual label
> sheet. 

12/14/2009 7:05:11 PM

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