inserting multi-page docs. into web site

Need to add a multi-page document into my website, but do not want to do the 
text boxes.  I want the viewer to go to end of web site page and click on 
something like "next page" or " continued on next page".  I'm using Publisher 
SharonF (1)
2/4/2009 7:09:47 PM
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You could just upload the document to the server and provide a link to it, 
unless you need to include it in the content of your site. In which case you 
have to use text boxes for text, but you don't have to link the text boxes 
together so that the excess text flows to another text box. Just paste the 
amount of text from the document that you want on one page into a text box 
on that page, add your link to the next page, and paste the remaining text 
from the document into a text box on that page.

If that doesn't answer you question, then please repost in the web group and 
we will try to help you there:

Please include the version of Publisher you are using, the URL of your site 
and as much detail as possible.


"Sharon F" <> wrote in message
> Need to add a multi-page document into my website, but do not want to do 
> the
> text boxes.  I want the viewer to go to end of web site page and click on
> something like "next page" or " continued on next page".  I'm using 
> Publisher
> 2007. 

Nope8657 (939)
2/5/2009 12:52:35 AM

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