In-Line Graphics in Pub2002

I have a group of several objects that I want to float 
with text.  The option to do this is grayed out when the 
objects are grouped, I have to ungroup the objects and 
float them separately.  Is there any way around this?

anonymous (74722)
5/26/2004 3:18:43 PM
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Hi SLS (,
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you posted:

|| I have a group of several objects that I want to float
|| with text.  The option to do this is grayed out when the
|| objects are grouped, I have to ungroup the objects and
|| float them separately.  Is there any way around this?

You could group the objects, Right Click on the group of objects and choose 
Copy, then go to Edit > Paste Special and paste as a picture, turning the 
group of objects into one single object.
Brian Kvalheim
Microsoft Publisher MVP
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bkvalheim (1291)
5/26/2004 3:42:42 PM

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