how do I set up publisher 2000 to print business cards 10 per pag.

I can only get 4 on a page.
Yvette (6)
4/7/2005 12:31:04 PM
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When you are ready to print, in the print dialog, you will be able to change the page 
properties. Click page options, custom options, change the side margin to .75, change 
the top margin to .5, change the gaps to zero.

Mary Sauer MSFT MVP
"yvette" <> wrote in message
>I can only get 4 on a page. 

gsauer (5093)
4/7/2005 1:56:51 PM
Here's I do it with Publisher 2000.

Page Setup
    Special Size
    Business Card from the drop down menu

Create card.

Assuming you are using standard business card stock of 2 wide and 5 high;

    Page options button
        Print multiple copies per sheet
        Custom options button
            Margins = .5"
            Gap = 0"
            Side Margins = .75"
            Vertical gap = 0"


And it's printing a sheet of ten cards.
Save the file and all the settings will be saved for the next batch of the 
same cards.

Vancouver, USA

"yvette" <> wrote in message
>I can only get 4 on a page. 

4/7/2005 3:07:29 PM

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