How can I change the default paper size of a blank publication?

Publisher 97/98 asked for a choice to be made re paper size and measurements 
at setup.  This allowed for European A4 to be the paper for the basic blank 
publication as opposed to US Letter.  Is it possible to make this selection 
with PUblisher 2003.  If so how?
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12/15/2004 10:11:07 PM
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Do you have these settings available through your printer? If so set it up first, 
Publisher will follow along. You can change the page measurements to centimeters in 
Options, found under tools.

Mary Sauer MS MVP
"Paramount" <> wrote in message
> Publisher 97/98 asked for a choice to be made re paper size and measurements
> at setup.  This allowed for European A4 to be the paper for the basic blank
> publication as opposed to US Letter.  Is it possible to make this selection
> with PUblisher 2003.  If so how? 

gsauer (5093)
12/15/2004 10:56:01 PM
While waiting for decisions from his 6 university choices, Ed sees a
message from Paramount <>. On it is
> Publisher 97/98 asked for a choice to be made re paper size and
> measurements at setup.  This allowed for European A4 to be the paper
> for the basic blank publication as opposed to US Letter.  Is it
> possible to make this selection with PUblisher 2003.  If so how?

Publisher pulls this information from your printer driver.  Select your 
default printer in Start > Printers and Faxes, go to Properties, and change 
the default paper size to International Standard A4.

Ed Bennett - MVP Microsoft Publisher
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the_nerd (6342)
12/15/2004 10:58:33 PM

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