I recently cleaned my hard drive to the bone and reinstalled everything on
my Windows 98SE computer.

Now when I run Publisher 2000, after about 15 seconds up pops a window that

"There was a problem starting the Office Assistant. Would you like to try
reinstalling it?"

I have the stand alone version of Publisher 2000.

I've tried the "Repair" option without success.

Isn't the Ofc Asst the paper clip in Word?
I have Word 97.

Anyone know the fix?

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Engineer1 (288)
11/17/2003 3:31:34 AM
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OFF2000: "Problem Starting the Office Assistant" Error Running Office Programs;en-us;221354&Product=Off2kset

Don't know if the above will help, however it maybe give you a clue on how to go
about fixing your problem.

Mary Sauer MS MVP
"Don Schmidt" <Retired Engineer@PNB.usa> wrote in message
> I recently cleaned my hard drive to the bone and reinstalled everything on
> my Windows 98SE computer.
> Now when I run Publisher 2000, after about 15 seconds up pops a window that
> says,
> "There was a problem starting the Office Assistant. Would you like to try
> reinstalling it?"
> I have the stand alone version of Publisher 2000.
> I've tried the "Repair" option without success.
> Isn't the Ofc Asst the paper clip in Word?
> I have Word 97.
> Anyone know the fix?
> -- 
> Don
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> Vancouver, USA - One of the great cities in one of the 45+ countries in
> America!

laserdog (1122)
11/17/2003 12:30:58 PM
Hi Don Schmidt (Retired Engineer@PNB.usa),
in the Microsoft� newsgroups
you posted:

|| Anyone know the fix?

Well first of all Don, you need to make the switch to Windows XP so that you
can order Publisher 2003 :-)
Brian Kvalheim
Microsoft Office Publisher MVP
Official Publisher MVP Site:

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and
confers no rights.

publisher (1244)
11/18/2003 3:52:05 PM

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