File Sharing Problem with Publisher

Publisher 2000 and Windows XP


I have a peer-to-peer network using Windows XP machines.

Any time I create a publisher file, when someone else tries to open it up, 
they receive a message stating that they cannot open the file due to file 
sharing violations.  If I save the file to their workstation, then they can 
open it up.

I only encounter this in Publisher.  Any thoughts?

2/16/2005 1:05:06 PM
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Jeff Bendert wrote:
> Publisher 2000 and Windows XP
> Hello,
> I have a peer-to-peer network using Windows XP machines.
> Any time I create a publisher file, when someone else tries to open
> it up, they receive a message stating that they cannot open the file
> due to file sharing violations.  If I save the file to their
> workstation, then they can open it up.
> I only encounter this in Publisher.  Any thoughts?
> Jeff

Publisher files abhor being saved to and accessed from remote locations.
That's the reason it works when you save it locally.
Facon - the artificial bacon bits you get in Pizza Hut for sprinkling
on salads.

noone5620 (75)
2/16/2005 2:35:45 PM
If you give them admin powers, they should be able to open the files.
Brian Kvalheim
Microsoft Publisher MVP

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"Jeff Bendert" <> wrote in message
> Publisher 2000 and Windows XP
> Hello,
> I have a peer-to-peer network using Windows XP machines.
> Any time I create a publisher file, when someone else tries to open it up,
> they receive a message stating that they cannot open the file due to file
> sharing violations.  If I save the file to their workstation, then they 
> can
> open it up.
> I only encounter this in Publisher.  Any thoughts?
> Jeff 

bkvalheim (1291)
2/17/2005 9:02:02 PM

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