Creating new 'blank publications'

How do I create for myself - or better yet, where can I find templates for - 
an A4 3 fold leaflet?
tpjay (1)
1/20/2005 11:55:03 AM
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In Publisher 2000 there are 71 templates for A4 tri-fold flyers. I would
think all versions of Publisher would have a similar choice.

The way to get at them is:

Print setup
    Select A4 paper - Landscape

    The catalog pops up
        Select brochures

Let the creative thought processes flow.....

Vancouver, USA

"tpjay" <> wrote in message
> How do I create for myself - or better yet, where can I find templates
for -
> an A4 3 fold leaflet?

1/20/2005 12:15:12 PM
Most of the templates included with Publisher can be changed by going into the page 
setup and selecting A4 paper size in the printer dialogue, or if you already have the 
regional settings enabled for your country then the brochure templates will reflect 
the setting.
Assistance here
Lots of templates here.
Mary Sauer MS MVP
"tpjay" <> wrote in message
> How do I create for myself - or better yet, where can I find templates for -
> an A4 3 fold leaflet? 

gsauer (5093)
1/20/2005 12:20:53 PM

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