Creating 5 foot paper banner in Publisher

Can anyone tell me why only 1 page is printing when I try 
to print a 5 foot paper banner. After the first page, the 
printer stops...

I feel like I've tried just about everything with no 



anonymous (74722)
3/17/2005 2:18:09 AM
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Did you check your printer settings?

On a related topic - has anyone ever been able to create a .pdf of a banner 
with PrimoPDF?

JoAnn Paules
MVP Microsoft [Publisher]

"Steve" <> wrote in message 
> Can anyone tell me why only 1 page is printing when I try
> to print a 5 foot paper banner. After the first page, the
> printer stops...
> I feel like I've tried just about everything with no
> luck...
> Suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Steve 

jl_amerson (3088)
3/17/2005 3:20:34 AM
Have you looked into the possibility you need an upgraded printer driver?

Mary Sauer MS MVP
"Steve" <> wrote in message 
> Can anyone tell me why only 1 page is printing when I try
> to print a 5 foot paper banner. After the first page, the
> printer stops...
> I feel like I've tried just about everything with no
> luck...
> Suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Steve 

gsauer (5093)
3/17/2005 8:52:02 AM

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