create a flyer(halloween) with pictures and borders

10/8/2004 2:35:05 PM
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Mary Sauer MS MVP
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gsauer (5093)
10/8/2004 3:31:40 PM
On Fri, 8 Oct 2004 07:35:05 -0700, "irishgirl3178"
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I've done that every year.
Blessed be, for sure...
T1317 (75)
10/8/2004 4:16:07 PM
Oooooooh - invisible ink again. Spooky!

JoAnn Paules
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jl_amerson (3088)
10/8/2004 6:53:53 PM
I'd rather not, actually

Ed Bennett - MVP Microsoft Publisher
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(/me refrains from cracking out the Irish jokes) 

the_nerd (6342)
10/8/2004 8:27:57 PM

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