Changing Paper Size

We print a monthly newsletter which includes a pullout insert.  This
month we want to turn this pullout into a foldable brochure.  Before I
send it off to the printer (who prints our newsletter to 11X17 glossy
paper), I want to make sure the pullout, when folded, displays the
information correctly (not upside down or out of sequence).

We print to a photocopier that users 11X17 size paper.  I cannot
figure out a way to print two successive pages (8.5 X 11 each) to one
sheet of 11X17 paper (ie., pages 2 and 4 to one sheet of paper).  I
tried doing this by changing the printer options to 11X17 but I end up
with two of the same page printed to the 11X17 size paper.

Can I change the size of the onscreen paper size from 8.5X11 to 11X17
and then create my pages side by side so they will print out on one
sheet of 11X17?  Am I making myself clear here?  Say I want page 1 and
page 3 to print out on one sheet of 11X17 side by side.  I could then
print in duplex mode and print pages 2 and 4 to the back of that 11X17
so when folded in half, the newsletter will display successively as
pages 1, 2, 3 and 4.  How can I accomplish this?  Where are the
settings to do this?

BTW, I'm using Microsoft Publisher 2000.
Lisa4720 (1)
5/12/2004 5:07:22 PM
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A small child turns to Ed, and exclaims: "Look! Look! A post from Lisa
Greene <>!"...
> We print to a photocopier that users 11X17 size paper.  I cannot
> figure out a way to print two successive pages (8.5 X 11 each) to one
> sheet of 11X17 paper (ie., pages 2 and 4 to one sheet of paper).  I
> tried doing this by changing the printer options to 11X17 but I end up
> with two of the same page printed to the 11X17 size paper.

Set your paper size to 11 x 17, and then set your page setup to Book Fold.

Ed Bennett - MVP Microsoft Publisher
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the_nerd (6342)
5/12/2004 5:25:03 PM

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