Can't edit story in Word (Pub 2000)

I have Office 2000 SB Edition, running on Windows 98 SE.

When I am using Publisher 2000, and want to "Edit Story in Word" I get
an error message. It says it can't connect with Word, and to "close
other applications or free up memory", or to "reinstall the OLE

I don't have any other applications running, and I have lots of free
memory. I don't know what the OLE server is, or how to reinstall it.
Can anyone help please?

I have Office 2000 SB Edition running on Windows XP on another
machine, and I do not get this problem  there, just on the Windows 98

Thanks, Jeremy

jeremyb (9)
12/28/2003 12:50:24 AM
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Thanks to an earlier post from Ed Bennett, I have found the solution
to my problem. I turned off script blocking in Norton AntiVirus, and
now Publisher and Word work together nicely.

Thanks Ed!

jeremyb (9)
12/28/2003 1:01:45 AM

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