Projectwise Resource Engaged & Availability report

Hi, I am new to MSP & MSPWA. We generally use MSP & PWA to manage our 
projects. Now we require a report that shows status (Allocated and Available) 
of all active resources on a particular day or daywise. Is there any existing 
report for it or how can it be developed? Please help me out.
5/20/2010 7:27:01 AM
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a tip for your next question: to get answers for project server questions, 
it is better to ask in microsoft.public.project.server.

There are several methods to see what you want to see. Depends if you want 
to have a graphical overview, on the number of your active resources, ....
1. PWA - Resource Center - Actions - Select All Resources. Click on View 
Availability. Red line will show availability. You can switch between 
different views, perhaps some will be what you are looking for?
2. If your OLAP Cube is configured and running an a regular basis, you can 
create a Data Analysis View. Server Settings - Manage Views - New View. 
Scroll down to view definition. Move totals from the field list to the 
yellow part, in your case it could be capacity and work. Add Project List 
and/or Resource List to Filter/Row or Columns. Add 'Time' as Filter or 
Column. If your field lsit is hidden, get it bach by acticating "Show Field 
List". Define appropriate categories and a name and save.
3. Write a report with reporting services.

Does any of these help?


"TheRock" <> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> Hi, I am new to MSP & MSPWA. We generally use MSP & PWA to manage our
> projects. Now we require a report that shows status (Allocated and 
> Available)
> of all active resources on a particular day or daywise. Is there any 
> existing
> report for it or how can it be developed? Please help me out. 

5/20/2010 7:55:58 AM

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