need a product key after downloading Can't find it

Why such a complicated way to download a Microsoft office free trial.  Can't 
use it as I can't find the product key.  This is just not necessary. How much 
time do I have to spend on this to be able to use the free trial download? If 
you tell me to follow the suggestions, I have, but can't find the source.  
12/8/2009 1:19:01 PM
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Trial product key displayed on the page from which you download trial 
Project. Follow the lnk and download 
software once again. On the last step before actual downloading you will see 
the trial product key.

Denis Microsoft Project online viewer

"elixer" wrote:

> Why such a complicated way to download a Microsoft office free trial.  Can't 
> use it as I can't find the product key.  This is just not necessary. How much 
> time do I have to spend on this to be able to use the free trial download? If 
> you tell me to follow the suggestions, I have, but can't find the source.  
> -- 
> elixer
12/8/2009 1:53:02 PM
With Office Visio 2007, you can also visualize security issues on network IT diagrams. In addition, the Visio Toolbox Web site delivers more Visio tools, best practices, and reference materials to maximize your investment and simplify processes.  

elixer wrote:

need a product key after downloading  Can't find it

Why such a complicated way to download a Microsoft office free trial.  Can't
use it as I cannot find the product key.  This is just not necessary. How much
time do I have to spend on this to be able to use the free trial download? If
you tell me to follow the suggestions, I have, but cannot find the source.

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