How do I create a pdf or txt file?

I need to get my word files that save as (.doc) to a (.txt or .pdf) file. Is 
there anyway to do that without the software?
12/13/2009 10:10:02 PM
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Hi Deana,

This newsgroup is specifically for matters dealing with Microsoft =
Project.  I suggest you try to find a more appropriate newsgroup that =
deals with Word problems.

However, from the Save As... dialog, at the bottom is Type selection =
which should have .txt or .pdf option for you to choose.

Mike Glen
Project MVP

  "Deana, Minnesota" <Deana,> wrote =
in message
  I need to get my word files that save as (.doc) to a (.txt or .pdf) =
file. Is=20
  there anyway to do that without the software?
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<DIV><FONT face=3D"Comic Sans MS">This newsgroup is specifically for =
dealing with Microsoft Project.&nbsp; I suggest you try to find a more=20
appropriate newsgroup that deals with Word&nbsp;problems.</FONT></DIV>
<DIV><FONT face=3D"Comic Sans MS"></FONT>&nbsp;</DIV>
<DIV><FONT face=3D"Comic Sans MS">However, from the Save As... dialog, =
at the=20
bottom is Type&nbsp;selection which should have .txt or .pdf option for =
you to=20
<DIV><FONT face=3D"Comic Sans MS"></FONT>&nbsp;</DIV>
<DIV><FONT face=3D"Comic Sans MS">Mike Glen</FONT></DIV>
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  need to get my word files that save as (.doc) to a (.txt or .pdf) =
file. Is=20
  <BR>there anyway to do that without the =


12/13/2009 10:19:45 PM

Check to see if you have any PDF writers in your printer selection.  Open 
the Word document that you want to convert to pdf.  Select FILE | PRINT.  
Review the list of printers to see if there is a PDF selection.  Select the 
PDF printer and enter PRINT.  A dialog box will open to allow you to give the 
document a file name.  This will save the document as a pdf file.

If there is not a pdf writer in your printer selection, a free pdf writer is 
available at:

"Deana, Minnesota" wrote:

> I need to get my word files that save as (.doc) to a (.txt or .pdf) file. Is 
> there anyway to do that without the software?
12/16/2009 4:56:01 PM

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