Finger print sensor not working to activate computer

Finger print sensor on computer is not wowking to activate computer
6/3/2010 4:03:48 PM
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On Jun 3, 12:03=A0pm, peterk76 <>
> Finger print sensor on computer is not wowking to activate computer

And this is a MSProject issue?
6/3/2010 6:07:38 PM
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Hi Peter,

This newsgroup is specifically for matters dealing with Microsoft =
Project.  I suggest you try to find a more appropriate newsgroup that =
deals with sensor driver problems.

Mike Glen
Project MVP

  "peterk76" <> wrote in message =
  Finger print sensor on computer is not wowking to activate computer
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<DIV><FONT face=3D"Comic Sans MS">This newsgroup is specifically for =
dealing with Microsoft Project.&nbsp; I suggest you try to find a more=20
appropriate newsgroup that deals with sensor driver =
<DIV><FONT face=3D"Comic Sans MS"></FONT>&nbsp;</DIV>
<DIV><FONT face=3D"Comic Sans MS">Mike Glen</FONT></DIV>
<DIV><FONT face=3D"Comic Sans MS">Project MVP</FONT></DIV>
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  <DIV>"peterk76" &lt;<A=20
  wrote in message <A=20
  print sensor on computer is not wowking to activate=20


6/5/2010 7:53:02 AM

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