Resource Usage (Resource Plan Work vs. Project Plan Work)

In Project Server 2007 Data Analysis... I am trying to get a total of 
resource usage (work vs. capacity).  This is the statement I'm using but not 
getting a result.

IF([Measures].[Work]>NULL,[Measures].[Work]/[Measures].[Capacity],[Measures].[Resource Plan Work]/[Measures].[Capacity]) 

Pleae help me out.
5/25/2010 2:15:02 PM
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On May 25, 7:15=A0am, MD <> wrote:
> In Project Server 2007 Data Analysis... I am trying to get a total of
> resource usage (work vs. capacity). =A0This is the statement I'm using bu=
t not
> getting a result.
> IF([Measures].[Work]>NULL,[Measures].[Work]/[Measures].[Capacity],[Measur=
es=AD].[Resource Plan Work]/[Measures].[Capacity])
> Pleae help me out.

In the "MSP_Portfolio_Analyzer" we have setup to MDX to measue work
against capacity and to show the variance.  These are the two
expressions we used:


iif([Work]=3D0 or [Capacity]=3D0,null,IIF([Work]/[Capacity]>0, [Work]/
5/26/2010 5:13:20 PM

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