Project 2007 - Resource creation

I am having an issue that anytime someone adds a new resource to one of their 
projects that resource ends up in the resource center.  Where is the setting 
to prevent this from happening?
11/13/2009 8:34:02 PM
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Jason --

If a user is a member of the Resource Managers group or the Administrators 
group, and the user imports a project using the Import Project Wizard, a 
default setting in the Wizard will cause Project Server to import local 
resources into the Enterprise Resource Pool.  Does this describe the users 
in question, and the situation that is causing this problem?  If so, here is 
how to eliminate it:

1.  Click Tools - Enterprise Options - Import Project to Enterprise.
2.  Select an MPP project and click the Open button.
3.  In the Step 1 page of the Import Project Wizard, click the "Map 
Resources" link.
4.  In the Map Resources dialog, map each local resource to a matching 
enterprise resource in the Enterprise Resource Pool.

In step #4 above, if you need to leave any resources as local resources, 
then do not map them.

5.  In the Map Resources dialog, click the OK button.
6.  Click the "Continue to Step 2" link at the bottom of the Wizard 

The Confirm REsources page in the Wizard is the source of your problem!

7.  For each local resource listed on the Confirm Resources page, click the 
pick list in the Import column and choose the NO value.

Notice how the default value in the Import column is Yes.  It should be No, 
and I reported this to Microsoft as a bug.  They report back that this is 
NOT a bug, and is working as designed!  :(

8.  Continue with each step of the Import Project Wizard until you have 
imported the project.

The key here is that you need to make this a training and performance issue 
with your users.  Teach them that they MUST set the Import value to No for 
each resource they want to leave as a local resource.  An alternate solution 
is to make these users ONLY members of the Project Managers group, because 
members of that Group do not have permission to create or import enterprise 
resources.  Hope this helps.

Dale A. Howard [MVP]
VP of Educational Services
"We write the books on Project Server"

"Jason Keller" <> wrote in message
>I am having an issue that anytime someone adds a new resource to one of 
> projects that resource ends up in the resource center.  Where is the 
> setting
> to prevent this from happening? 

11/13/2009 8:53:23 PM

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