Custom View for Managers

I have been asked to create a view for the managers in my group where they 
can see for just their directs the time they have posted to their tasks.  Can 
someone explain how i can do that.  
4/1/2010 3:10:11 PM
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If they are using My Tasks and submitting time to the PM's for approval and 
getting those hours approved and loaded into the schedule and then
re-published back out, you could create a data analysis view using the 
MSP_Portfolio_Analysis Cube that shows the resource actual hours vs. planned 
hours and/or baseline hours along with any project or resource custom field 
information.  For example, if you have a custom lookup table that specifies 
who the manager is, then you could use that to filter the resource 
information for each manager by that value.  Or you could use the RBS values 
if you set up an RBS in your environment

However, if you are only using My Timesheets, you will have to do a Data 
Analysis view using the Timesheet cube which has very limited project and 
resource information.  It only has the project name and resource name and no 
other project or resource related information.  Also, since it is taking 
snapshots of the resource and project data at the time of the timesheet 
creation, you could potentially have different project name or resource name 
information if the project name or resource name has changed during 
production use.


"Kirsten" <> wrote in message
>I have been asked to create a view for the managers in my group where they
> can see for just their directs the time they have posted to their tasks.
> Can
> someone explain how i can do that.

4/1/2010 5:20:00 PM

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