VBA- Application.Wait?

Does PowerPoint not have "Application.Wait" like Excel? Is there
another way to pause code for a few seconds in PPT 2003/2007 while a
small bat file runs?

3/10/2010 7:29:14 AM
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On 3/10/10 2:29 AM, Mel wrote:
> Does PowerPoint not have "Application.Wait" like Excel? Is there
> another way to pause code for a few seconds in PPT 2003/2007 while a
> small bat file runs?
> -Mel

 From Example 8.4 on my Web site (http://www.PowerfulPowerPoint.com/):

Sub Wait()
     waitTime = 5
     Start = Timer
     While Timer < Start + waitTime
End Sub

This will wait for 5 seconds.


David M. Marcovitz
Author of _Powerful PowerPoint for Educators_
Microsoft PowerPoint MVP
Associate Professor, Loyola University Maryland
3/10/2010 3:45:32 PM
In article <312255c7-711b-46a2-977e-
ed55b9e151f5@g7g2000yqe.googlegroups.com>, Mel wrote:
> Does PowerPoint not have "Application.Wait" like Excel? Is there
> another way to pause code for a few seconds in PPT 2003/2007 while a
> small bat file runs?

Put your macro to Sleep

There are more sophisticated ways of doing it, like launching the bat 
file and monitoring its window, not proceeding until it closes.  But if 
you know that your bat file will complete in a short time and don't 
mind waiting a few milliseconds extra here and there ... Sleep's the 
simplest, most reliable way to get the job done.

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3/10/2010 4:11:31 PM

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