Using friendly Avatars in Powerpoint simple import

I have read many posts throughout the web regarding using Avatars
within learning content and Powerpoint presentations and the benefits
that exist using such, and thought this could be an interesting link
for your members. its a wizard driven software solution that produces
video output in either AVI, SWF or Flash video, the content can be
instantly imported directly into most compositions tools such as
PowerPoint, Camtasia, Microsoft Video Editor etc, giving dramatic
flexibility of use.

It was initially designed as a generic avatar tool, but its major
uptake is from within the e-learning production area, and as a
consequence many of its features and functions have been incorporated
specifically with e-learning in mind.

This is a desktop solution so there is not web streaming etc., you
control how you use the output.

There is a demonstration of such in the demonstrations area, the top
video was produced using Camtasia importing an alterego character
using the PIP (Picture in a Picture function).

There is also a free download version.
11/29/2009 3:45:03 PM
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>I have read many posts throughout the web regarding using Avatars
>within learning content and Powerpoint presentations and the benefits
>that exist using such, and thought this could be an interesting link
>for your members.


Where exactly?


12/1/2009 11:09:06 PM

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