Disable Update Links Message?

I've created a presentation to be a 'real-time' scoreboard for an upcoming 
community event. Two of the presentations have 4 slides, the third has 5 
slides. All are on a continuous loop. One laptop is running the Presentation, 
and the other is for the scorekeeper to track results of the events. I've 
installed an add-in that does the updating each time the presentation loops. 
Everything works well, except that each time the links update, I get an 
obnoxiously intrusive popup asking me if I want to update the links. I'd 
*really* like to get rid of the messages. It would be a HUGE hassle to keep a 
person there all day to hit the enter key everytime the slide show loops. 
I've programmed the Excel sheets with

     ActiveWorkbook.UpdateLinks = xlUpdateLinksAlways

to try to get rid of this. The workbooks are all shared to prevent messages 
about being locked (and asking if I want to open them as Read-Only - which 
doesn't seem to update the links). In Excel, I can include a line of VBA code 

     Application.DisplayAlerts = False

to cut out alert messages, but, it doesn't seem like these are the same kind 
of alert messages as I've tried adding similar lines of code to the 

     ActivePresentation.UpdateLinks = True
     Application.DisplayAlerts = ppAlertsNone

but the messages keep popping up in front of the slide being displayed. This 
also hangs the presentation until I respond to the propmpt. Any help would be 
greatly appreciated, as there seems to be tremendously less info about 
PowerPoint VBA than just about any other kind.
6/4/2010 7:46:33 PM
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