Work order to Purchase Order

We've just implemented RMS 1.2 at our store. I noticed 
that RMS can automatically place appropriate purchase 
orders for items sold within a specified time period. Is 
there a way for items on a work-order that are out of 
stock or soon to be below acceptable quantities to be 
added to the counts in the purchase orders without manual 
gregfyn (1)
8/23/2004 2:08:04 AM
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Hi Greg, 

I'm editor of the Microsoft Business Solutions Community site 
( and we're having a Microsoft 
developer from the RMS team answer questions like yours on ITEMS this week. 
We'll post the answers to the site the week of 9/8 (though if you like, I can 
fwd the answer to you sooner). 

Would you like me to pass your question on to Jimmy Wong, the MSFT developer 
doing this Q&A? I should have his answer by Tuesday. 

Let me know. You can also write me at the e-mail addresses below. 


Michelle Goodman, Editor 
Business Solutions Community 
e-mail me at or 

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights. 

"Greg Fyn" wrote:

> We've just implemented RMS 1.2 at our store. I noticed 
> that RMS can automatically place appropriate purchase 
> orders for items sold within a specified time period. Is 
> there a way for items on a work-order that are out of 
> stock or soon to be below acceptable quantities to be 
> added to the counts in the purchase orders without manual 
> entry? 
a-micheg (46)
8/28/2004 4:15:02 PM

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