Where can I find the SDK for RMS?

I've searched online but can't seem to find any info on it.

Nathan (89)
2/5/2008 2:19:04 PM
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The Customization Guide for release 1.3 is available to partners at this URL:


It contains information that is still applicable to release 2.0.

If you are not a partner, your partner will be able to assist you.

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and it confers no rights.
2/5/2008 9:01:39 PM
email address?

"Nathan" <Nathan@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message 
> I've searched online but can't seem to find any info on it.
> Thanks,
> Nathan 

anonymous (74722)
2/5/2008 9:31:39 PM
Hello root, can you please assist in obtaining the RMS sdk ? TIA.

"root" wrote:

> email address?
> "Nathan" <Nathan@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message 
> news:CA645E57-5256-4A98-8CB6-119E3A4034CD@microsoft.com...
> > I've searched online but can't seem to find any info on it.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Nathan 
Souheil (1)
4/22/2008 6:28:01 PM

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