Timed Rental

Retail Management Systems Ltd. has just released a new addon for Timed 

RMS TimeZone allows you to rent out 'zones'. The easy thing is, you decide 
what a zone is. Whether you own a golf dome, billiard hall, shooting range 
(see list below for many other industries) you have the power to specify 
base pricing, minimum times, and additional per minute pricing. The visual 
interface tells the employees which zones are occupied/rented, by which 
customer, and how long the zone has been in use. TimeZone supports an 
unlimited number of zones. This add-on provides easy to use mouse-over 
information pop-ups to display the customer usage right at your finger tips. 
RMS TimeZone integrates with Microsoft RMS and provides detailed receipts 
showing the customer and the amount of time that they are being charged for.

Especially useful in these industries: . (This list is, by no means, 

-Golf domes

-Shooting ranges,
-Paint Ball
-Bowling alleys,
-Batting cages,
-Tennis courts,
-Racquet ball courts,
-Volleyball courts,
Any RMS end user that has retail sales and some aspect of timed rental.

Contact us for more information and trial.


Ian McLean

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9/28/2007 7:04:25 PM
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