Sales Tax Issue with Dynamics RMS

Here in California, the sales tax recently increase from 8.25% to
9.25%.  I made this appropriate changes to the sales tax settings in
RMS.  The issue is when I get a return for items purchased prior to
the sales tax change, the customer is credited at the current sales
tax rate of 9.25% rather than the 8.25% that they should be credited.
I need to be able to adjust the sales tax percentage at the POS for
these returns so that the sales tax amount is correct.  Any
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4/6/2009 8:46:02 PM
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How about setting up an "Old Tax" code at 8.25% and using Shift-F12 to 
select and apply the old tax rate to applicable transactions?


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"Paul" wrote:

> Here in California, the sales tax recently increase from 8.25% to
> 9.25%.  I made this appropriate changes to the sales tax settings in
> RMS.  The issue is when I get a return for items purchased prior to
> the sales tax change, the customer is credited at the current sales
> tax rate of 9.25% rather than the 8.25% that they should be credited.
> I need to be able to adjust the sales tax percentage at the POS for
> these returns so that the sales tax amount is correct.  Any
> suggestions?
MilesB (32)
4/6/2009 9:48:05 PM

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