RMS Connector to SBA 2007

Does anyone know if there is a connector available for RMS to SBA 2007?  Our 
vendor told us this could be done and when they began to do this they 
realized the connector was for SBA 2006.  We are trying to get answers from 
them, but so far nothing.

Rea (12)
6/8/2007 1:45:00 PM
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our vendor did the same thing.  we are waiting on a solution.  MS had a press 
release which said the SBA 2007, MS Office Accounting 2007 would integrate 
with RMS 2.0.  

the only solution provide was for us to switch to quick books.  quick books 
will convert your SBA books for FREE.  
Alex Dixon

"Rea" wrote:

> Does anyone know if there is a connector available for RMS to SBA 2007?  Our 
> vendor told us this could be done and when they began to do this they 
> realized the connector was for SBA 2006.  We are trying to get answers from 
> them, but so far nothing.
> Thanks.
Alex4922 (316)
6/8/2007 4:41:01 PM

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