Report Query in RMS

Is there somewhere that I could get some information as to how the reports
in RMS are composed.

When you look at the various reports they all seem fairly simple in there
basic structure.

Are the any examples of how these reports are composed.  The //--- 
Columns ---// iformation seems to be the same in most reports, same as the
//--- Title Rows ---//.

Setting up the flitters and the TablesQueried I need to understand.

I have the schema for 1.2.

How do I better understand the following or what do I need to learn.  I wish
I was in college again and had all the time in the world.

//--- Report Summary --- //

Begin ReportSummary
   ReportType = reporttypeSales
   ReportTitle = "Detailed Sales Report"
   PageOrientation = pageorientationPortrait
   OutLineMode = True
   Groups = 1
   GroupDescription = ""
   DisplayLogo = True
   LogoFileName = "MyLogo.bmp"
   ProcedureCall = ""
   TablesQueried = <BEGIN>
      FROM     TransactionEntry INNER JOIN [Transaction] WITH(NOLOCK) ON
TransactionEntry.TransactionNumber = [Transaction].TransactionNumber
         INNER JOIN  Batch WITH(NOLOCK) ON [Transaction].BatchNumber =
         LEFT JOIN   Item WITH(NOLOCK) ON TransactionEntry.ItemID = Item.ID
         LEFT JOIN   Department WITH(NOLOCK) ON Item.DepartmentID =
         LEFT JOIN   Category WITH(NOLOCK) ON Item.CategoryID = Category.ID
         LEFT JOIN   Supplier WITH(NOLOCK) ON Item.SupplierID = Supplier.ID
         LEFT JOIN   ReasonCode AS ReasonCodeDiscount WITH(NOLOCK) ON
TransactionEntry.DiscountReasonCodeID = ReasonCodeDiscount.ID
         LEFT JOIN   ReasonCode AS ReasonCodeTaxChange WITH(NOLOCK) ON
TransactionEntry.TaxChangeReasonCodeID = ReasonCodeTaxChange.ID
         LEFT JOIN   ReasonCode AS ReasonCodeReturn WITH(NOLOCK) ON
TransactionEntry.ReturnReasonCodeID = ReasonCodeReturn.ID
         LEFT JOIN Register WITH(NOLOCK) ON Batch.RegisterID = Register.ID
         LEFT JOIN   Customer WITH(NOLOCK) ON [Transaction].CustomerID =
         LEFT JOIN   Cashier WITH(NOLOCK) ON [Transaction].CashierID =
   LEFT JOIN   QuantityDiscount WITH(NOLOCK) ON
TransactionEntry.QuantityDiscountID = QuantityDiscount.ID
         LEFT JOIN   SalesRep WITH(NOLOCK) on [TransactionEntry].SalesRepID
= SalesRep.ID


   SelCriteria = ""
   GroupBy = ""
   SortOrder = ""
End ReportSummary

//--- Title Rows ---//

Begin TitleRow
   Text = "<Store Name>"
   Font = "Arial"
   FontBold = True
   FontSize = 16
   Color = "Blue"
End TitleRow

Begin TitleRow
   Text = "<Report Title>"
   Font = "Arial"
   FontBold = True
   FontSize = 12
   Color = "Black"
End TitleRow

Begin TitleRow
   Text = "Generated On <Report Date>"
   Font = "Arial"
   FontBold = True
   FontSize = 10
   Color = "Black"
End TitleRow

//--- Filters ---//

Begin Filter
   FieldName = "[Transaction].Time"
   FilterOp = reportfilteropBetween
   FilterLoLim = "<Today>"
   FilterHilim = "<Today>"
End Filter

//--- Columns ---//

Begin Column
   FieldName = "SalesRep.Name"
   DrillDownFieldName = ""
   DrillDownReportName = ""
   StoreIDFieldName = ""
   Title = "Sales Rep"
   VBDataType = vbString
   Formula = ""
   ColHidden = False
   ColNotDisplayable = False
   FilterDisabled = False
   ColWidth = 1515
   GroupMethod = groupmethodNone
   ColFormat = ""
   ColAlignment = flexAlignLeftCenter
End Column

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