Physical Inventory Count Service Provider

Would someone be able to recommend a service provider that would be able to 
come in an apparel retail store and do a physical inventory count? we've 
tried newestech handhelds, but we just dont have the right staff to do it.


Eddie B
EddieB (41)
10/12/2009 2:46:01 PM
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No suggestions?

We are in Southern California.

Eddie B

"Eddie B" wrote:

> Would someone be able to recommend a service provider that would be able to 
> come in an apparel retail store and do a physical inventory count? we've 
> tried newestech handhelds, but we just dont have the right staff to do it.
> -- 
> Eddie B
EddieB (41)
10/21/2009 2:53:01 PM

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