PC Charge Processing Very Slow

I am running PC Charge Pro with RMS 1.3 and I have been experiencing
very slow processing times when I swipe CC's, I'm talking like 30
seconds each.  The internet connection is not the problem.  Settling
batches is very fast and the ability to browse the 'net is also very
fast but for some reason, swipes are taking a very long time.  
I did some digging in RMS's Administrator and found a possible problem,
but I'm getting a little beyond my comfort zone.  What I found was,
under the EDC tab in Administrator, the software that is selected is not
PC Charge, but rather Preferred Acquirer.  I figured that this may be
the problem, but then I also thought that if the incorrect software is
selected then I shouldn't be able to process cards at all.  
Any and all help/advice is appreciated. 


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3/28/2011 3:44:20 AM
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