Microsoft POS #2

I have a group of customers that I am working on setting up A bundled POS 
system for.
I have looked at RMS and Microsoft POS. The customer's are small bulk food 
stores. They package all of the bulk food in various containers and weigh it 
with a Hobart scale producing a label with an system 2 price enbedded 
barcode. These are UPC A formats. They are for the most part simple single 
store installs and donot require  the complex RMS system. 
I have setup the Microsoft POS version 2.0 and found it will work perfect 
for these customers. The only problem when you programed the system you 
leftout the Random Weight system 2 barcode capabilities. How hard could it be 
to make that a choice in the item setup with  all the other Barcodes.

My question is will you be adding it to the Microsoft POS system? if so when?
I have 500 to 750 lanes of software waititng on the update. 
Thank you

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Terry (158)
7/2/2007 1:38:01 PM
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