Item value list and snapshot cost report - the difference?

Hi everyone,
Whats the difference between the item value list and the snapshot cost report?

My total cost value for a branch shows 17,000 on the snapshot report but 
52,000 on the item value report at HQ and branch even after running a 501 and 
a 190?

Surely these should not be different?

matty102 (21)
10/4/2007 5:59:03 PM
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The Snapshot Cost canned report should never have summed the Cost column, 
since that would only be meaningful if each item in the store had quantity of 

The custom report Item Value uses the Extended Cost field to show cost * 
quantity for each item, which will sum for an accurate total of the inventory 
at your store.

"matty102" wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> Whats the difference between the item value list and the snapshot cost report?
> My total cost value for a branch shows 17,000 on the snapshot report but 
> 52,000 on the item value report at HQ and branch even after running a 501 and 
> a 190?
> Surely these should not be different?
> Thanks
MattHurst (182)
10/9/2007 7:09:04 PM

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