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I'm running MS POS, when I type / scan an item in the serch box provided at 
the top, it keeps searching by Customer name and returns " the customer was 
not found".

I really want it to search by Item #. Is there something I am doing wrong or 
is it a bug in the system?


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7/31/2009 3:40:59 AM
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In MS POS (not RMS) a scan and a search will behave a bit differently.  If 
your scanner isn't setup properly you could get some mixed results.

First, about scanners... Your scanner needs to be configured as a device for 
the register.  Unlike RMS even a keyboard wedge device needs to be setup.  
This is done by selecting the device from the left side of the page and 
moving it to the right side of the page on the Register Properties dialog.  
You should be able to use the Hardware Test to verify that it is working.  
You won't see any text appear in the search box in POS if the scanner is 
setup properly.  If you can see the text in the field after scanning, try a 
different setup.

Assuming the scanner is setup properly, and POS gets a "scan", it will 
search for Items across these fields: Item Number, Barcode Number, and Alias. 
 It will also search for Customers by the Customer Number.  If a receipt is 
scanned, a transaction can be recalled by the Transaction Number.

If you hand enter a string in the search box and press Enter, POS will first 
look for a single exact match of an Item Number.  If that is found, the item 
should be added to the transaction.  If not, it will search across a broader 
set of Item and Customers, which include names and descriptions, and return a 
mixed list based on the results.  Transactions cannot be searched using this 

If you want to only search Items or only search Customers, you can type your 
search string in the box, and then select Items -> Search, or Customers -> 

I hope this helps. 


"Dawn Oneal" wrote:

> Hi
> I'm running MS POS, when I type / scan an item in the serch box provided at 
> the top, it keeps searching by Customer name and returns " the customer was 
> not found".
> I really want it to search by Item #. Is there something I am doing wrong or 
> is it a bug in the system?
> Thanks 
8/5/2009 3:13:01 AM

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