Item Message #2

I'd like to add an item message to a group of items, does anyone know if it's 
possible to do this, or does the item message box have to be activated item 
by item ???

marwat (25)
7/2/2006 5:00:01 PM
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We have a Utility for RMS Store & HQ.   Amongst these are 36 new wizards one 
which allows you to associate a message to a whole group of item.  If you 
want to know more contact me.

Afshin Alikhani - []
CEO - Retail Realm
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"marwat" wrote:

> I'd like to add an item message to a group of items, does anyone know if it's 
> possible to do this, or does the item message box have to be activated item 
> by item ???
> thanks.
> marwat.
afshin (783)
7/2/2006 10:09:02 PM
How are your items in question set up? As Matrices or Standard?

If Matrix, this is not too hard depending on the amount of items and the 
duration of the Message. 

If you have many items, and will change your message frequently, it is a 
good idea to look into something as an add-on. We use the Matrix Master which 
your business partner should know about.


"marwat" wrote:

> I'd like to add an item message to a group of items, does anyone know if it's 
> possible to do this, or does the item message box have to be activated item 
> by item ???
> thanks.
> marwat.
Jocelyn (213)
7/5/2006 3:22:02 PM

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