Handheld signature capture

looking to buy one for my RMS 1.3 verison,  for mercury , which is the best 
one and where to buy one thanks

iraj (27)
9/16/2006 7:10:02 PM
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I have a handheld products hhp-tt1500kit-rs232 I bought in Canada for $354 
and couldn't use since Canadian banks don't support it at all.  I had done 
good research on its compatibility etc before hand.  Kindly make a reasonable 

Link to the product is 


"iraj" wrote:

> looking to buy one for my RMS 1.3 verison,  for mercury , which is the best 
> one and where to buy one thanks
Fahad (8)
9/17/2006 3:58:02 AM
Better yet, please email me at khunsa@gmail.com

"iraj" wrote:

> looking to buy one for my RMS 1.3 verison,  for mercury , which is the best 
> one and where to buy one thanks
Fahad (8)
9/17/2006 4:32:01 AM
New west tech's mobile suite has sig capt...
Total Communications

"iraj" wrote:

> looking to buy one for my RMS 1.3 verison,  for mercury , which is the best 
> one and where to buy one thanks
RonReyes (43)
10/1/2006 12:27:02 AM

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